Biggest Sports Betting Wins in History | Infographics

In sports betting, it’s possible to win money over small and large bets. Aside from this, it allows the sports fan to support and cheer for their favoured sports teams or players. Some think that winning in sports betting only amounts to a few to hundred dollars, but this is not the case most times. In fact, there are many instances that people take home big wins in recent years. 

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This article will talk about the biggest sports betting wins in history. 

Fred Craggs – $1,258,288

Fred Craggs (60-year-old fertiliser salesman) ended up becoming a millionaire by placing 50p on an eight-leg parlay that featured different horse races from around the world. When he returned to his local bookmaker, he realized that he had won PS1,000,000 or $1,258,288,000,000.

Anonymous Leicestershire Betor – $1.035,585

One more mysterious bettor from Leicestershire won the U.K.’s PS823,000 or approximately $1,035,585 after placing a PS19 parlay bet on horse racing. The bettor won it at a horse racing meet in April 2017.

Tayla Polia – $105,000

Tayla was just a beginner on the betting scene. She won $105,000 in her second bet. She placed a $5 wager on a parlay of 15 NFL teams, which returned around 100 thousand dollars. The parlay had nine favorite players, five underdogs, and one over/under wager. It’s hard to win a parlay but winning a 15-leg one on their second bet is incredibly lucky.

For more details about the biggest win in sports betting wins in history, read this infographic from CM2BET.

Biggest Sports Betting Wins in History
Biggest Sports Betting Wins in History
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