Biggest Sports Upsets in History

Watching sports is exciting because many things can happen in a match and a sports league. While many people can be content watching their favourites win the game, some diehard sports fans also look forward to the underdogs. Those who placed bets on a sportsbook through Singapore Pools soccer odds, for example, can potentially win big.

One instance of the biggest upsets in sports history, which also led to some of the biggest wins in futures bet, is when Leicester City won the 2015/2016 English Premier League. Leicester’s victory resulted in UK bookmakers paying out £20 million to bettors. Leicester City’s initial outright odds on winning the season was 5000/1 or 5,001.00. Besides the unexpected victory of Leicester, other upsets in sports history happened throughout the years, which can convince bettors to not just place their bets on favourites every time.

Another big unexpected win in sports history is Emma Raducanu’s victory in the 2021 US Open. While the 18-year-old Emma Raducanu already made a name for herself during Wimbledon 2021, it is still inadequate to justify making her a favourite in the US Open, wherein the odds of winning amounted to 400.1 or 401.00. However, she took the tennis world by storm as she won and defeated every opponent she faced. Raducanu is also the first player in tennis to win a slam at only the second attempt. The previous record for winning a slam in the fourth attempt was by Monica Seles and Bianca Andreescu.

While upsets may be rare in many sports events, it is undeniable that plenty of underdogs have pulled it off in the past. If bettors placed their bets on underdogs more, they would have more chances of winning big when an athlete or team defied the odds. Odds by bookmakers, such as SG Pools soccer odds, can serve as a guide for bettors, but it is crucial to note that anything unexpected can still happen in a match that can affect the odds.

For more details about the most significant sports upsets in history, check this infographic by CM2Bet.

Biggest Sports Upsets in History
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