CNC Vs. Laser – Which Is Better For My Business?

Have you experienced waiting for a new product or equipment, only to discover that the pieces don’t fit and the cutting is all wrong? 

Even if you double-check the measurements, the right machinery can save the whole thing, saving precious time and resources. 

To avoid delays and ensure consistent quality, more and more businesses in Australia are looking into technology, such as CNC machines and lasers. But what exactly are these, and which is right for your business?

How do CNC Routers work?

Computer numerical control (CNC) machines are controlled through pre-programmed software. With a CNC router, cutting is done through router bits and rotating blades.

The CNC router receives a custom computer program for each object to be manufactured. This program contains the instructions and measurements that are needed for the product. Once the software is settled, it can automate the movement and precision of the cutting tools involved.

How Do Lasers Work?

Laser cutting is a thermal separation process where a high-powered beam heats the material and burns through, leaving a smooth, sealed cut. 

A type of CNC machine, laser systems can be controlled by a computer, which receives a program of the predetermined pattern that will be cut into the material. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using CNC?

CNC machines have become a crucial part of several industries for a reason. While CNC can take longer to set up, as it involves programming and testing, CNC cutting is exact. 

It also provides high efficiency and consistency in cutting through complex materials and designs, such as components, pistons, engine parts, and even medical instruments. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using Lasers?

Laser systems are exact, making them ideal for cutting minor and intricate details. Lasers can cut through many materials, and you can use the heated beam to seal the edges of textiles.

Laser-cutting machines do not dull over time, unlike blades and tool heads. Lasers cannot only cut but also engrave designs. In fact, one of the popular reasons businesses turn to this method is for the laser etching on stainless steel products. 

How Do I Pick Between Two Cutting-Edge Choices?

CNC routers may be bulky, but these are an excellent choice for mass production and ensuring quality across several products. Meanwhile, laser cutting is ideal for precise and detail-oriented work that involves a wide variety of materials.

But involving any of these choices in your business is harder said than done. Most business owners must be aware of hidden costs, and insufficient training can lead to accidents and additional expenses. 

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