Different Outdoor Game Tables That are Perfect for Family Leisure

Board and table games became a prominent competition between friends or family members. It has always been one of the activities people utilize to past time and have fun for a little while.

Board games are a usual subcategory of tabletop games where counters or pieces of moved on a board according to a set of rules in the activity. Most of these board games require strategy. On the other hand, several are only in pure luck that doesn’t need much skill.

Kings from the past used to compete through chess or damma instead of opposing through war. Board games are considered the most “quiet” method to display a creative side from an individual and emulate one another.

Parlor games can also be a way to improve an individual’s self-confidence and connect. Henceforward, you can mostly find these matchups in family gatherings and see the household alive. Such scenarios mainly occur during weekends or the holidays.

The bond that continues to bind people because of a simple leisure time is why parlor games became popular in no time. In 2012, there has been a growth rate of up to 40% over the year. It was considered “A Golden Age for Board Games” and the “Kickstarter’s most funded project categories” back then.

The tabletop competition has been so popular that Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day, a known YouTuber, created a YouTube account and began to set a series of Internet celebrities against each other. Their channel was named “Table Top,” and earned millions of views and subscriptions up until today.

What’s even more interesting is that you can play these games anywhere with your family, unlike several sports that require you to withhold it in a specific place. Volleyball and basketball need to be done within a court or American Football and soccer that settle in a large field.

Suppose you and your family plan to go on a trip and still have fun without doing too much. R&R Outdoors created an infographic regarding the list of different outdoor game tables that are perfect for family leisure:


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