Firm vs. Soft Mattress: Which is the Better Option?

Purchasing a new mattress requires choosing between a firm or soft one. But since each has its distinct function, selecting the best mattress for your sleep style and physique may be challenging.

There are many questions you should ask before settling for an option. Do you need a firm mattress for back pain or a soft one for maximum comfort?

If you’re unsure how to pick, read our guide on the pros and cons of a soft and firm mattress.

Firm Mattress

Firm mattresses are a popular choice for people suffering from back pains. This is because of its spine and neck support functions that evenly distribute body weight while sleeping. A firm mattress may be your best bet if you constantly wake up feeling sore and in pain.

But due to its structure, a firm mattress may be uncomfortable to lie on. While it relieves lower back pain, the same cannot be said for muscle and joint aches.

The Pros of a Firm Mattress

  • Improved Posture and Spine Alignment – Maintaining proper posture while sleeping is the key to ensuring your back does not hurt as soon as you wake up. Firm mattresses do a decent job supporting your spine and keeping a neutral position at night.
  • Temperature Regulation – Do you ever feel stuffy in the morning? This is often caused by increasing temperatures during sleep, which a firm mattress can help mitigate.
  • Durability – Firm mattresses can last longer due to their increased integrity.

The Cons of a Firm Mattress

  • Insufficient Pressure Relief – Despite a firm mattress’s excellent spine support properties, it may not offer enough pressure relief for your muscles and joints. Firm mattresses are best for back and stomach sleepers but not for those who prefer a side position.
  • Costs – Firm mattresses are more expensive than soft variations.

Soft Mattress

For increased comfort and stress relief, soft mattresses are your go-to solution. A soft mattress is made of materials like memory foam, which conforms well to the shape of your body and provides support where you need it.

On the downside, soft mattresses may not be ideal for stomach sleepers since they may sink too deep and experience decreased breathability and high temperatures.

The Pros of a Soft Mattress

  • Offers Pressure Relief – Sleeping in a soft bed helps you wake up feeling refreshed and without pain in your joints, muscles, and back. Soft mattresses are perfect for people with fibromyalgia or arthritis, pregnant women, and side sleepers.
  • Better Comfort – Firm mattresses are hard and uncomfortable for most people. With a soft bed, you’ll toss and turn less during sleep, making for a more cozy rest.
  • Cost-Effective – Soft mattresses are more affordable compared to firm alternatives.

The Cons of a Firm Mattresses

  • Increased Temperature – Since soft mattresses will cause you to sink, you may experience hotter temperatures, low breathability, and wake up feeling stuffy.
  • No Spine Support – Soft mattresses can’t support your spine while you sleep, causing the natural gentle curve of your spine to misalign and result in pain.

Experience the Best of Both Worlds

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