Friendly Home Modifications for Seniors Aging in Place

As a loved one grows older, it is often difficult to decide whether to let them age in place or prefer to send them to assisted living facilities. Also, with the consideration that seniors require care and comfort to lead a healthy lifestyle without undue stress and anxiety.

Fortunately, it is not a worry for many as seniors can still receive healthcare even at their homes with senior care ct. Having a day-to-day helper in caring for older people can relieve some concerns in ensuring that they are appropriately taken care of while providing them companionship.

The majority of older people prefer to age in place as they know the benefits of attachment and feelings of security and familiarity concerning homes and the neighborhood. Additionally, it is a way to achieve independence and a sense of control in their lives despite their apparent need for assistance.

Many people will find that aging in place is a housing option that will enable seniors to continue links with family and friends while saving relative high costs of choosing nursing homes.

However, to successfully age in place needs an emphasis on safety by considering home modifications to better suit aging needs. There are hidden risks at home that may pose dangers for older adults making it difficult for them to navigate the house, potentially leading to an accident.

In preventing such a situation, it is imperative to assess the place and create a safe environment where they can maintain independence and continue to do tasks they want to finish. Transforming the house into a comfortable and safe space is an easy task and does not cost significant amounts. Home modifications include integrating safety precautions such as installing grab bars in the shower, adding slip-proof coverings in the bathroom, removing clutter from floors, etc.

To further ease the worry of senior’s safety, hire a 24 Hour Caregivers Avon CT to ensure that they are in good hands as life-altering changes can happen anytime.

This infographic from Euro-American Connections & Homecare discusses some friendly home modifications which can help seniors safely age in place.

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