Good and bad driving habits

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When you drive in a safe manner, you can define what is good and bad habits to ensure safe driving behavior.

Leaving too late causes stress, which often means that you do not leave enough distance to the cars in front of you and drive too fast. It is difficult to catch delays, better to just accept the situation and live with it.

Follow the speed limits and keep your distance. These are two important factors for safe driving. Always adjust your speed according to your driving conditions in terms of weather and visibility.

Always check the tire tread depth to ensure you have sufficient braking distance and grip when driving; it will keep you more unhappy. Change tires when your tread depth goes below 5/32 inches.

Do not text or read maps while driving; always stop doing this. Before you drive, always figure out where you are going and how to get there. Texting and being on the phone while driving can be very dangerous and should always be avoided.

When refueling, check the tire pressure and make sure it is at the correct level. Also, check the tires for any cuts or cracks.

Check with a quick service if your car is in good condition and does not break down when you drive. This can also save money by detecting problems at an early stage.

Do not skip the scheduled maintenance to make sure you are driving a safe and well-maintained car. Brakes, tires, and shock absorbers must be in good condition for safe driving.

Make sure you use the correct tires for the right season. If it’s winter, you need winter tires, and if it’s summer, you need all-season tires, or then you can also manage with winter-approved all-weather tires for the whole year. These are recommended for areas with unpredictable winter conditions.

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