How to Do a Cash Flow Analysis for Small Businesses | Infographic

The accounting function in using business accounting software produces cash flow reports. These reports show how much money the company has spent (outflows) and where it came from (inflows). These reports are reliable enough To determine its cash flow and predict its future cash generation potential.

Cash flow analysis allows business owners to identify the relationships between items and categories. These relationships are often quantified by entrepreneurs using indicators and ratios, which will enable them to compare and evaluate business performance, draw relevant conclusions about company performance, and make appropriate decisions.

The Ratio of Operating Cash Flow

Divide the CFO’s net items by the short-term liabilities to calculate the operating cash flow ratio. This ratio is used to measure liquidity, or whether the company can cover its current maturing liabilities with cash flows from operations.

A higher operating cash flow ratio than 1 means that the company has more cash available than is required to pay current liabilities. A lower ratio indicates that the company does not have sufficient money to pay maturing liabilities, which suggests requiring more capital.

Free cash flow

After deducting capital and operations expenses, free cash is the cash that remains after all costs have been paid. This is vital as it indicates how efficiently a company generates cash flow. Companies often use free cash to pay dividends or buy back shares. The net operating cash flow and capital expenses are subtracted to calculate free cash flow.

Accounting Software that Supports Correct Cash Flow Analysis

Accounting records that accurately and fairly reflect financial activities are essential for proper cash flow analysis. Business owners must have access to a simple yet comprehensive invoice maker software or business accounting software to make the relevant decisions for the company’s betterment.

Check out this infographic by KIPPIN to learn more about cash flow analysis.

How to Do a Cash Flow Analysis for Small Businesses
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