It’s important to replace tires in good time

225/50R17 all-season tires

It is important to replace tires in good time. The reason for replacing tires in good time is that you don’t increase the risk of hydroplaning or blowouts. There are simple ways like the “penny test” to easily see when you need to replace your tires. Nokian Tyres company also has a patented “Driving Safety Indicator” to alert you when to change your tires. Once it is time to change your tires, there are several things to consider. With many tires on the market: all-weather tires, all-season tires, and winter and snow tires, there are several things to consider.

When replacing tires, the first thing to consider is what kind of tires you need for the driving conditions you will be encountering. Also, the weather conditions you will be driving in will play a role in choosing tires. In severe winter weather, tires that have passed specific testing criteria on snow and ice are necessary. Snow and winter tires and all-weather tires hold this rating and have the “Three Peak Mountain Snowflake” emblem marked on their tire’s sidewall.  The sidewall also comes marked with the tire’s dimension, which is also something to be considered when buying tires. If your car currently has tires size 225/50R17, then if buying all-season tires, they should be getting 225/50R17 all-season tires.

When in the market for tires, you should make sure that you buy good-quality tires from a reputable tire manufacturer. Tires companies like Nokian Tyres are Finnish tire manufacturers dedicated to creating products for safe driving in challenging situations. Their tires also have the driving safety indicator, which allows you to know how much tread is left on the tires making it easy to understand when to change the tires.  In addition, this company has more environmentally friendly tires with low rolling resistance so that you can save on fuel costs. They also never use harmful oils or carcinogenic products in their tire compounds.

The Nokian Nordman Solstice all-weather tires offer all-weather performance. They are marked with both the “Three Peak Mountain Snowflake” emblem as well as the “Driving Safety Indicator” on their sidewalls. This allows you to stay safe no matter what the road conditions, and you will always have a heads up for when to change your tires. Equally important is to keep adequately inflated tires as this further reduces rolling resistance.

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your tires and replace them promptly when needed—making sure to at the very least change tires in pairs, if not all four, at the same time. However, the front tires will wear down slightly faster than the rear tires with a front-wheel-drive vehicle. When replacing tires for certain weather conditions like winter, you need to make sure that the tires have passed certain testing criteria to handle snow and ice. If so, they hold the “Three peak mountain snowflake” emblem so you can be sure to be safe when driving in winter conditions.

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