Know More About Horse Race Betting

Horse racing never gets more exciting with people betting to win lots of money. Since its existence in the 16th century, the sporting event changed and developed that attracted fans and patrons worldwide to flock to the venue, spectate the competition, and wage money.

With its long-celebrated history and enticing atmosphere, horse racing kept its relevance amid declining popularity.

Horse Racing: Before and After

Finding its historical roots in the United Kingdom, King James I started the horse racing culture in the early 1600s.

Then, it is Queen Anne II who popularized the sport into the mainstream. She turned an open space into a wide-open area where horses can gallop. Such inspired the creation of the Ascot race meeting beginning in 1711.

The British Classics further solidify the prominence of horse racing from 1776 to 1814.

In 1928, the Race Betting Act of 1928 paved the way for the legalization of horse race betting as a form of gambling in the UK. It turned earned profits from betting into beneficial investment while halting all off-course betting operations. Therefore, the act kept gambling legal, including horse race betting.

In 1961, the Betting Levy Act of 1961 allowed British citizens to bet outside the track, such as in online horse betting in Singapore. Besides, it permitted their inhabitants to join and access even dog racing betting in Singapore.

The in-demand status of horse racing led to its inclusion in the services offered by online casinos until today. Therefore, also catapulting online sports betting into the gambling scene.

You Have Three Options to Choose

Betting for horses varies in each country.  There are three betting types you may prefer to try to save you from confusion.

You earn a profit if your horse bet finished first after the race. That’s how you can understand the simple nature of the risky win bet. If the horse failed to do such, you lose your wage.

On the contrary, the place bet allows you to pick a horse you predict will end at first or second place. Although, earning here is lower as the gambled price got split for the first place and runner-up.

If you’re looking for more options, show bet gives you the chance to wage for a horse you believe will go first, second, or third.

However, if your horse didn’t place in the top three, say goodbye to your money.

Refer to this infographic by 88ProBet to learn more about horse racing betting.

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