Premium summer tyres for the summer season

The summer tyres are originally considered your all-around tyres for warm weather, meaning they could be used all year round in warm areas. They are made up of rubber compounds that can tolerate a wide range of temperatures keeping in mind that they are not approved for winter use. They do have ultimate grip due to their soft rubber compound that grips to the road.  This means that even in the summer heat, you will have a good grip on the road. In many areas of Europe, they can be used all year round as many areas don’t have winter weather. However, if you live in an area with winter weather, you would be better off with the new all-season tyres approved for winter use or change into dedicated winter tyres for the winter season. The reason being that the same rubber compound that makes the summer tyres great in the summers and the milder seasons, providing the ultimate feel of the road, does not withstand temperatures far below freezing.

There are many examples of good summer tyres that can be used throughout the summer and in other seasons, tyres like the Nokian Wetproof providing luxurious performance for fast driving throughout the year. They offer precise handling capabilities and advanced technologies, making them an excellent choice for high-performance cars. The summer tyres eliminate the need for dedicated summer tyres as advances in the tread patterns and rubber compounds allow for more stability, excellent handling even at high speeds around sharp turns. They also handle better than all-season tyres in the summer.

The Nokian Wetproof tyres use “polished grooves” to provide safety providing hydroplaning protection on wet roads as with the summer rains; it is always possible to hydroplane. It’s the number one reason for accidents in the summer. The Polished Grooves” helps clear the water from the surface between the road and the tyre, as it increases the water flow speed and thereby preventing aquaplaning. The tyres also try to store as much water as possible within the tread. The speed you drive with, and the tread depth become very important in determining their ability to prevent aquaplaning.

The Nokian Wetproof tyres are a good choice for summer driving with its new tread pattern design featuring “groove corners” that provide additional support for better handling for corners and lane changes. The tyre remains a balanced and logical road contact at all times, thereby allowing for luxurious performance. Its special clinch rubber compound minimizes rolling noise, while the dynamic traction boost tread compound improves wet grip and saves on fuel.

Check the tread depth to ensure that your tyres are in good condition and rotate them between the seasons when you change from winter tyres. Rotation ensures that the wear is balanced and that the stability when driving is improved. This will be important both when you drive in dry and wet conditions. Make sure to change to winter tyres before the snow arrives before the winter.

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