The best tires are the ones that combine multiple innovations for optimal performance

all-season tires

With so many tire manufacturers around the globe, you have a few big ones that drive the development of tires forward. They introduce a range of innovations to improve the performance, safety, and durability of their tires. The addition of then being able to test them around the world and even in extreme conditions leads to a continuous development that will improve the safety for all of us.

For tires in general, one of the important innovations has been to reduce the rolling resistance of the tires. This improves both the durability of the tires, reduces fuel consumption and greenhouse emission gases. This is valuable for all tires. In addition, you have silent grooves and silent sidewalls to reduce noise and improve driving comfort.

For high-speed tires, you have the newly added sipes, so-called cooling edge technology,  that act as cooling edges to cool down the rubber, reduce wear, and allow for high speeds.

For all-season tires, the main innovations are related to improve safety in wet conditions and reduce the risk for hydroplaning.  You have polished grooves that reduce turbulence in the grooves and allow rapid water flow to help remove the water from the road surface.

For winter tires, you have a functional stud design, snow grooves, grip boosters to help studded tires improve grip and safety. In addition, you have arctic grip sense, cryo crystals, and pump sipes to add grip without studs.

There are a lot of other innovations out there made to help improve driving performance and safety. So make sure to look for them next time that you need new tires.

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