The better the tyres the safer the drive

Many people only consider the car when the want to make sure that they are safe while driving. The car is an essential part of the safety when you drive but you also need to consider the tyres as they are the actual contact point between your vehicle and the road. If you have bad tyres then you will end up in accidents more frequently. This can cause a very safe vehicle to be less safe as it will be very accident prone. The tyres are extremely important from a safety point of view, they can keep you out of accidents and improve the performance.

Premium tyres should be used both for summer tyres and winter tyres or even all-season tyres as they are all very important to ensure your safety. Winter tyres require the best safety as the conditions are so challenging, but this also goes for all-season tyres that will need to cover all different conditions during the year. All-season tyres that are winter approved can be used all-year round so that you don’t have to change tyres between the summer and winter season.

Safe summer tyres will mainly be tyres that provide good control and stability as well they can handle wet conditions by having good wet grip and ability to prevent aquaplaning. Tyres with low rolling resistance will ensure that you have low tyre wear and low fuel consumption. By checking the EU tyre label you can find the information on how they perform under wet grip and also the rolling resistance in terms of fuel efficiency.

For winters you have to make sure that they are good on ice and snow. They will need to have excellent snow and ice grip and be able to prevent slushplaning, which is similar to aquaplaning but it will happen when you have snow mixed with water into slush. Safe winter tyres is more difficult to find the proper information as the Eu tyre label isn’t giving any special information regarding grip on snow or ice, they still only measure the wet grip as per the same test done for the summer tyres.

The EU tyre tests will not be able to give a proper results that you can rely on for a purchase decision when you are doing your tyre selection for winter tyres. Here you are better off checking winter tyre tests done in motor magazines where the compare different tyres from different manufacturers in an unbiased way to find the best tyres and also see how they compare against each other. There will be several tests to select the winners and not all these tests might not be representable for what you want, so it can be good to dig a bit deeper into the tests to find out which tests are most important for you and how the tyres that you are considering are comparing to the others in these tests. With all this information you should be able to find the best tyres for your vehicle.

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