Top Pitfalls of Mobile Archiving

With continuous innovation, people are now way ahead of their battle against poor communication with the help of numerous applications for mobile messaging and tools designed for better communication with family and business. SMS and MMS are only a few of the various ways people use to send a message to one another. Instant messaging apps have been gaining popularity with the advantages it provides in mobile messaging. Diverse workforces even rely on mobile applications’ benefits to create better connections with their clients.

When it comes to securing their employee’s communication, non-regulated enterprises choose to archive solutions. At the same time, at work, aside from financial institutions and government sectors that presuppose mobile text message archiving. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Markets in Financial Instruments Directive in the EU, Public Records Laws in the public sector, and the Securities and Exchange Commission in the US financial industry are only a few of the strict sector laws that orders to monitor text messages. All the included sectors above are said to retain the communication and conform with lawful obligations in any business-related transmission.

This modern system may not be familiar to many, but mobile archiving has many advantages and benefits. Promoting better communication and connection is where mobile phones are the best. We all know that android mobile phones focus on third-party access to data while Apple’s iOS is for better security and user’s privacy. Thanks to the non-stop innovation providing a vast range of options for multinational enterprises, it gives them the chance to explore various mobile phone carriers for the best-operating systems. But, despite this fact, regulations regarding the usage of mobile phones still varies with the enterprise. For instance, Android mobile phones are the best choice for a business that monitors messages with archiving solutions. However, strict regulations are being implemented, such as to monitor text messages for regulated firms. On the other hand, while regulated industries provide their own mobile devices for their employees, non-regulated firms do not rely on any of this as they let their employees have their own mobile phone choice.

If you desire to know more about mobile archiving’s top pitfalls, don’t hesitate to check out this infographic from TeleMessage.

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