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When you purchase new tires, regardless of if you buy all-season or winter tires, you have help from various tire data that you often can get from the tire manufacturers datasheets. When it comes to tires, there is a lot of data that you can look at. In Europe, all tires that are sold will have to add a label to their tires, where you can see rolling resistance, wet grip, and noise level. If you google, you might find the EU tire labels for the tires you consider purchasing. That is if they are also sold in Europe.

Rolling resistance is essential regardless of what tire you are buying. Low rolling resistance means that you need less force to move the car forward and that you have less efficiency loss as you drive. Having a low rolling resistance will result in lower fuel consumption than a tire with high rolling resistance. When a tire has high rolling resistance, they build up more heat and increase tire wear. So you have two factors that add cost to you as you drive, you have to spend more on fuel, and you have to replace the tires more often. Also, the environmental impact is harmful to both of these as you have a higher CO2 emission due to the higher rolling resistance, and you will contribute to more waste as you need to buy more tires.

Cheaper tires tend to have higher rolling resistance, so you can quickly see why it is not worth buying cheap tires, as the cost of usage is much higher, so you will soon end up spending more. You also have the safety aspect that more affordable tires tend to have worse wet grip and higher noise levels, making them not a good alternative from that perspective either.

If you buy all-season tires, the wet grip will be essential but not so important if you purchase winter tires. There is no performance indicator for winter tires, so here you will need to find some additional information to know which tires are good on snow and which are good on ice and maybe make that your critical selection criteria and once you have found a few tires that fulfil what you want in a tire and then you might end up using the rolling resistance as your final decisive selector, to find the best tire for your car.

When you have purchased the tires, it is important that you maintain them properly. You need to make sure that they are properly inflated, as low tire pressure actually increases the rolling resistance, and as you have seen, that tends to be bad news. So adequately inflated tires are key, and that needs to be checked regularly when you stop at a petrol station for fuel. Check also the tread depth, so you know when you have to replace the tires.

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