When Should You Use Enclosed Trailers?

Transporting goods, equipment, or valuables often requires carefully considering your trailer type. As the name suggests, enclosed trailers provide your cargo with a secure and sheltered environment. 

Enclosed trailers might be the ideal vehicle attachment for making transportation journeys more enjoyable and stress-free.

The information below explores the situations and advantages of using enclosed trailers: 

Weather Protection

One of the main reasons to use enclosed trailers is weather protection. When transporting goods or items sensitive to rain, sun, or extreme temperatures, these trailers can protect them against the elements. The added protection guarantees your cargo arrives in top condition, free from weather-related damage. 


Security is another consideration when transporting valuable cargo. Enclosed trailers provide additional protection by hiding your items from prying eyes. The walls and locked doors make it challenging for potential thieves to access the contents, minimising the risk of robbery. 

Dust and Debris Protection

Enclosed trailers are typically built to be solid and durable, with a sealed environment, standard composite aluminium body, and galvanised steel chassis and frame. As a result, items that are susceptible to dust and debris, such as vintage cars, electronics, or artwork, remain clean and protected during transit.


Enclosed trailers often come with customisation options, allowing you to configure the interior to meet your needs. This can include adding shelving, tie-down points, climate control systems, or even converting the trailer into a mobile workspace. The versatility of enclosed trailers makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. Custom trailers are also available, allowing you to choose a trailer that fits your needs.  


Enclosed trailers are valuable in various scenarios. Whether safeguarding delicate cargo or protecting them from the elements, these trailers provide the needed protection and versatility for successful transportation. 

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