When to consider buying studded tyres for an SUV

Even when owning an SUV, the need for a good grip on winter roads is vital. The fact is that with the additional weight of the larger SUV, the need for good quality winter tyres, studded or non-studded, becomes even more important. Nothing outperforms SUV studded tyres if you live in an area with severe winters, especially icy conditions. The fact is that the SUV being a heavier vehicle, actually requires a tyre to provide good traction to grip the road and especially to brake, so in severe winter weather, you are well-advised to invest in SUV studded tyres. This is because the size and weight of the SUV make it more prone to lose traction on snowy and icy roads. This is because the tyre grips the road and provides traction, so without a good quality winter tyre, you might be worse off in an SUV.

There are much good quality SUV studded winter tyres on the market. Tyres like the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 10 SUV studded tyres provide excellent traction and grip with their advanced stud technology. There have been many advances in stud technologies, like the Nokian Eco Stud 8, an eco-friendly anchor stud with a flange design. These can reduce the stud impact and with a patented eco-stud cushion that dampens the road contact. The studs on these tyres are no longer placed in rows but instead evenly distributed throughout the tread, optimizing grip and reducing driving noise. This allows the tyre to remain eco-friendly while allowing maximum grip.

These tyres make use of something called the “Brake Booster”; an innovation developed on the rear edges of the tread blocks to provide increased braking grip. This is important, especially with the extra weight of the SUV, which requires good grip, especially when braking. The “Brake Boosters” are part of the tread block on the shoulder area of the tyre. This saw-tooth pattern increases the tyre’s contact with the driving surface increasing braking grip, especially on ice and snow.

The importance of premium SUV studded tyres cannot be understated, especially in areas with severe winters. In many areas in Europe, they can be used for many months until all the snow has melted, ensuring ultimate safety while driving on snow, ice and slush. When the snow has finally melted, and the spring weather has arrived, you can change to summer tyres. Avoid changing tyres too early, as it is dangerous to drive with summer tyres in winter conditions. If the winter weather would return for a short stint, you can’t use your SUV if you have already changed to summer tyres. The studded winter tyres are regulated in terms of what period they can be used. If you have non-studded tyres, you have more of a window when you should change to summer tyres allowing you to wait a bit longer to ensure that the winter weather has passed. It is equally important to mount the winter tyres in time before the snow falls in autumn. You should change when the temperature drops below 7°C.

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