Your electric car needs winter tyres that are recommended for electric cars

Not all car tyres are recommended for use on electric cars or hybrids. When you are purchasing new tyres for an electric car, you will need to check if the tyres are recommended for use on electric vehicles. If they are recommended the tyre manufacturer will indicate it so that you know they are a good choice to use for your electric car or hybrid. If you select tyres that are not recommended for use on these vehicles, they might wear out very quickly and not provide the same safety and performance.

The area you live in will determine what winter tyre is best for your vehicle. You can often choose between dedicated winter tyres that are available as studded or non-studded tyres or then winter approved all-weather tyres. The dedicated tyres will give you the best safety and performance during the winter, but not all areas will require to change tyres due to winter and then the all-weather tyres might be a more convenient and practical solution. You also don’t have to worry about sudden changes in weather and being stuck with summer tyres when the roads are covered by snow.

For electric vehicles, due to the heavier battery packages, you want to make sure that you have premium tyres that can handle the high load. You also need tyres that can provide good grip so that you can get your heavier vehicle to a full stop in shortest distance. You want to make sure that they are made with low rolling resistance providing a decrease in the amount of energy needed when driving thereby allowing the hybrid or electrical car to go further on every charge. It will also lower the wear during driving, so that the tyres will last longer. In addition to the higher weight for electric vehicles you also have a higher torque from electric motors versus combustion engines, so you will have a higher wear.

When using all-weather tyres, you often only use one set of tyres for the whole year, so you don’t do your alternating of tyres between summer and winter tyres. That can be very convenient, but it also means that you don’t visit your tyre service station twice per year for a tyre change. The lack of having experts checking on your tyres on a regular basis adds a loft of safety. So when you are not doing this, you should check the tyres regularly yourself. Check the overall condition of the tyres, the tyre pressure and measure the tread depth to see when you need to rotate the tyres. Electric cars tend to have higher wear, which means that you will need to rotate the tyres more frequently than you are used to with a normal car, so when you take the vehicle for tyre rotation make sure that they also check the overall condition of your tyres, so you know when you need to purchase new tyres.

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