Your electric vehicle will soon need all-season tires if you are using winter tires

All-season tires

The new electric vehicles are really a nice and smooth ride. The thought that you are helping in saving the environment while driving instead of using a fossil fuel driven vehicle. The electric cars are so quiet, and you can now go further with them that they become convenient. It is however good to use tires with a low rolling resistance so that you can get further with each charge.

As with basically any vehicle that uses public roads it is important to always use winter approved tires when you drive in winter conditions. Winter tires outperform all-season tires when you go below 45°F, so you don’t really need to wait for snow or ice to arrive before you change to winter tires and once you go above the 45°F you can safely switch back to all-season tires. It isn’t dangerous to drive with winter tires when it is warm, but it isn’t recommended as they will be too soft, and you will not have the optimal driving performance.

You will also have higher energy consumption, so that you will have to charge more often, and your tires will wear out faster. You already now have to rotate the tires more frequently than you would with a normal car and you will need to measure the tread depth to see if you can do it during your seasonal change of if you need to do it mid-season.

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