Biometric Technology: A Brief History

many organizations and regulatory bodies have been increasing their support for passwordless authentication. Because of the risks associated with this login credential, these agencies encourage businesses to replace their password-based system with more secure alternatives.

For example, the Fast Identity Online (FIDO) Alliance, an open industry association, advocates developing, using, and adhering to authentication standards. Their FIDO2 passwordless authentication specifications are adopted by numerous companies, using biometric technology and security keys as password alternatives. With FIDO2, businesses can provide a more secure and frictionless user experience to their customers.

The need for passwordless solutions will propel biometric authentication in the coming years. The technology is expected to get better with more research and innovation. When people trace back biometric technology to its roots, it is hard to believe that such technology can exist now.

Biometric technology has a rich history – from its discovery to being a government-only tool and becoming an integral component of modern identity authentication. To know more about the development of biometric technology, here is an infographic provided by LoginID.

Biometric Technology - Infographic ImageDNAND1415

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