EPL 2021/22: Why Chelsea Can Win the English Premier League – Infographic

The English Premier League was formed and started in 1992 from the English top club’s motivation to reap the optimum benefit of an incredibly lucrative broadcasting rights deal for football. Since its inception, the EPL has gone through different names but witnessed an exponential growth in revenue thanks to broadcasters.

With the amount pouring in, broadcasting, and global ambition, the Premier League continued to dominate the world game today and has become one of the most awaited sporting events, gathering millions of viewers from different parts of the world.

The EPL involves a game that simply needs ability, agility, and strength. But despite its simplicity, it is one of the most exciting sporting events for many sports fans. In truth, there are many people who partake in online gaming in Singapore to bet on their favorite teams and players during the EPL season.

Bettors can also opt to bet in an online live casino in Malaysia which offers various incentives and bonuses for beginners and avid bettors alike.

Should you decide to bet in this EPL’s 2021/22 season, you must be equipped with the latest and comprehensive information about the clubs to make an informed decision. Currently, Chelsea is expected to win and take home this season’s championship title.

Chelsea has only suffered one loss and one draw out of eight matches at the time of writing. Previously, many believed Manchester United will be able to win this season due to favorable factors. However, the club had already suffered two draws and losses making them ineligible to compete for the title.

The three teams that will compete for the title will be Chelsea, Liverpool, and Man City. However, Chelsea will likely bring it home as they have plenty of exceptional players and an experienced manager to boot.

Here is an infographic from CM2Bet which discusses why Chelsea can win the English Premier League.

EPL 2021/22: Why Chelsea Can Win the English Premier League
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