Choose summer tyres to get the most out of your vehicle


If you are driving a high-performance car you probably want to get the most out of your summer driving. To achieve this, you need to invest in premium quality summer tyres. This is because summer tyres have a soft rubber compound that can handle the rising temperatures in the summer months without getting too soft. The rubber compound and its tread will guarantee that you have great grip of the road and better handling of your car even through cornering and dwindling roads. When you invested into a high-performance, you most likely did it due to its performance and then you will need to match it with tyres that are able to deliver its intended performance. Same reason why you would switch to dedicated snow tyres in the winter, you need to switch back to summer tyres during the summer to get the most out of your car.

Once you know the benefits that you can get from summer tyres, you will realize that they are worth the investment. During summers there are basically two different tyre types that you can use, you have your summer tyres, and you have all-season tyres. These tyres are all-round tyres that can be used in any weather conditions and are great for that purpose as you will never be caught in a situation where you have the wrong tyres on your car. This can often happen when you have very changing weather conditions and since it is dangerous to be caught in winter conditions without having winter approved tyres on your car, these tyres can add a lot of safety.

The all-weather tyres are good on summer roads, but their performance is average compared to dedicated summer tyres. You are going to notice the difference in handling and performance with dedicated summer tyres, especially if you have a high-performance car. You might have a bit more hassle by having two sets of tyres compared to just one set of all-season tyres. If you have very short winters or just very unstable weather during the winter months, you can combine the summer tyres with all-season tyres just for the winter season.

With dedicated summer tyres, driving on both wet and dry summer roads will be a much more enjoyable experience. This is because the rubber compound will remain flexible even when the temperature rises. You will be able to maintain precise handling both while accelerating and braking and even when doing lane shifts or cornering in high speeds. Summer tyres have a specialized tread pattern that ensure more contact with the surface of the road and superior braking at both high and low speeds in both wet and dry roads. Another big advantage with summer tyres is the quiet ride as they are by far the tyre with the least noise. It also allows you to feel the road making the driving experience even more enjoyable. Will all the advantages of a dedicated summer tyre the inconvenience of owning 2 sets of tyres seems minimal.

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