Time to change from winter to summer tyres

Make sure that you always plan your change from winter tyres to summer tyres. Depending on which country you live in there might be some dates that you need to take into consideration, if not you should adapt the change to how dependent you are on your car.  So that means that you will have to change the tyres within the coming month. It is always recommended that you let a tyre service station do the change for you, so once you find a good date you should try book a time for it, so that you are sure you can get it done.

When experts do the change for you, you know that experts have changed with proper tools so that the lug nuts have been fastened properly.  They will also be able to check the tyres that they will remove to check the condition of them. They will also mark them so that they can be properly rotated upon the next change.

Before mounting the summer tyres, they will check the valves and replace them if needed. They will balance the tyres and check the tyre pressure. They will check the conditions of the tyres and the tread depth and then they will mount the tyres in the correct position based on the rotation.

When the summer tyres are mounted, you can just drive and enjoy the summer until autumn comes and it is time to change back.

For more information regarding summer tyres, visit: https://www.nokiantyres.com/

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