Understanding diabetes on Aging Adults

Proper diet and exercise are two things people often hear being associated with taking care of one’s health. Since childhood, individuals have been told to watch what they eat and to keep themselves physically fit to prevent illnesses from arising.


Many health problems, like diabetes, can be attributed to poor food choices and unhealthy lifestyles. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder where the body is unable to produce or use insulin properly. This hormone is needed to convert food substances into energy the body uses to perform daily tasks.


When a person has diabetes, they must observe strict health measures to prevent complications and enable comfortable living. However, as the individual continues to age, they might require additional support and care, especially with their health needs.


If a senior requires home care assistance in CT but do not have nearby relatives or other trusted persons to help, it is ideal to hire caregivers instead. Well-experienced caregivers will provide elder loved ones the assistance and top-quality they deserve.


Home care providers can help create a client-specific Plan of Care for diabetic senior adults. Hourly Caregivers Old Lyme CT will aid senior clients to stick with their diet and follow other pursuits listed in their Plan of Care. They will assist with daily tasks like meal preparations, grocery shopping, and make sure that elder loved ones take their medicine on time.


live-in caregiver CT stays in a senior client’s home, ensuring they have someone to assist them even at night. Having a trusted caregiver not only allows seniors to live comfortably while aging in place but also provides them a social companion at home. It can help elder loved ones boost their demeanor and improve their quality of life.


Understanding diabetes in aging adults is essential for senior care. To know more about the matter, an infographic from Euro-American Connections & Homecare is provided below.

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