Sports has always been entertainment, warfare training, and competition during the Ancient days. Moreover, some of these athletic games were cultivated by the ancient peoples for religious festivals. Until the late 19th century, particularly in the year 1823 where modern sports began developing. A player named William Webb Ellis is the first one who took pick up the ball and run with it. To William, his behavior was plainly for entertainment only; nonetheless, it was the birth of modern sports that is played ’till now.

Passing the ball and aiming it at the opponent’s net or part of the court has been the game of how new sports work. Basketball, volleyball, baseball, soccer, American Football, tennis, badminton, etc., all of it are tossing the ball to the co-player and terrorize the opponent to earn a point and win against them.

Like the Ancient era, where the adrenaline rush and entertainment move medieval folks that sports give, today’s individuals encounter the same. Thus, sports remain popular widely, that people even compete to win and claim the golden award that most sports players.

Not until the year 2020, all activities, including work operations and leisure sites, are halted because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Corona Virus Disease 2019, widely known as COVID-19, is a lethal virus that attacks a human’s body’s immune system. Once the defenses of a person weaken, that will be the time where the contagion will be the strongest, killing the individual in the process. Thus, the mass lockdown has been implemented by the authorities to lessen the casualties the COVID-19 caused.

Home quarantine is the isolation process that helps people from distancing themselves. Through this outline, it will be possible for the ailment to diffuse. Howbeit, solitude also means there will be no activities outside aside from those front-liners’ deeds. Sports are not even allowed unless social distancing has occurred.

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