Most accidents occur during the winter season

Winter conditions provide for some of the most dangerous conditions to drive in and it is also a major contributor to accidents in those areas that have it. Most accidents occur when there are sudden shifts in the weather and people are caught off guard and with tyres that are not suitable for winter weather. These accidents can be anything from fender benders to more serious accidents. The biggest challenge is that tyre are not approved for winter conditions have very little to provide in terms of winter grip. The braking distance is also seriously prolonged, which is what causes the fended benders at intersections. The combination of summer tyres that become hard at low temperatures and that you don’t have a tread design that can cope with snow and ice are the main reasons for this.

It should be everyone’s responsibility to ensure that they have tyres that are able to provide sufficient grip before they drive. It is dangerous for the driver and for anyone around the driver if they are driving during winter conditions without winter-approved tyres. This is why it is important to be prepared for the upcoming winter season and to ensure that the tyres are changed before the winter weather arrives. If you live in an area that doesn’t have any winter weather, then you are fine and can continue driving safely with your summer tyres, however, if you expect to get some winter weather you will need to put some winter approved tyres on your vehicle. That is if you plan to drive.

The tyre options that are approved for winter use are winter tyres and some of the all-weather tyres. Winter tyres needs to be paired with another summer tyres for the warm season. You have the option to have one set that can be used for the whole year or then alternate between winter tyres and summer tyres. The latter gives you better performance throughout the year, but it does require that you change the tyres in time before it starts snowing. You have better winter properties and better summer properties as each tyre can be better optimized for the specific weather that is dominant during those periods.

The all-weather tyre gives you very good flexibility and is a very good option for areas that doesn’t always require winter tyres. It is a very good option for those that currently are not using winter tyres, as these can be used all year round, so you will be still having one set of tyres, but you can drive safely throughout the year. This is excellent if you really need your car for daily use, as no weather can make you leave the car behind. If you would experience some winter weather and you don’t want to have two sets, then I would recommend buying all-weather tyres. You do however need to rotate the tyres at least once per year to ensure that you have even tyre wear between the front and the rear tyres, this should be done when you have a difference of 2-3 mm.

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