Winter tyre options for your electric SUV or hybrid

SUVs and other large vehicles require like any passenger car, winter approved tyres to drive in winter conditions. As options you have SUV all-weather tyres and SUV-winter tyres. They both provide excellent safety when driving in winter conditions, safety and grip that you can’t expect when using SUV summer tyres.

The decision between all-weather and winter tyres will depend on if you see it worth changing tyres before the winter season and also if you want to have the best performance during each season. You will always have the best performance and safety by changing tyres between summer and winter tyres, but that is not always the most convenient, especially in areas that only have sporadic periods of winter conditions that doesn’t really warrant the full time use of winter tyres.

If you decide to go for winter tyres, then you have both studded and non-studded tyres. The studded have the best grip and traction of any winter tyre especially on ice. The SUV non-studded tyres allow for more flexibility as they can be used in more countries in Europe and they are not limited by dates when they can be used.

If you choose SUV studded tyres, then the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9 SUV are the best option as these are state of the art tyres for some of the harshest winter conditions, with excellent winter grip, control and stability in winter conditions. They are also recommended for electric SUVs and hybrids.

All-weather tyres for electric or hybrid SUVs are a great way to be able to keep one set of tyres throughout the year while assuring excellent handling and performance even in the winter. They also ensure that you are always ready to use your SUV regardless of weather and you will not be surprised by sudden weather changes and you can drive in any country, while still complying to local regulations related to use of winter weather.

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