New tyre technologies

Over the years, there has been a lot of improvements done to tyres. Initially, you had only one set of tyres, and with time they have improved for different use cases to improve performance and safety. One of the early improvements was to add studs to winter tyres to create the first winter tyres. This was by Nokian Tyres in Finland to improve safety.

For winter tyres, they have been able to replace the studs with gripping particles and different innovations in the tread to achieve the exact grip in winter conditions. This has been a significant improvement, as not all countries allow studded tyres to be used. It also gives others more flexibility when they choose tyres. Added silica has also contributed to improved wear resistance and improved grip. The studded tyres have also improved, and now it is customary to adopt the double stud technology for an even better grip combined with a tread that is optimized for snow and slush.

For all-season tyres, they have been able to combine the tread of winter approved tyres with summer tyres to create tyres that can handle both weather conditions. These are perfect tyres for areas with varying weather conditions or areas that don’t have such long and distinct seasons as you have in the Nordic countries, where you certainly need to have both winter and summer tyres.  Using one set of tyres can improve overall safety, even though they are not as good as summer tyres during the summer or winter tyres during the winter.

The development of ultra-low rolling resistance has created tyres that allow electric cars to reach further on every charge and lowers tyre wear and reduces fuel consumption for standard vehicles. Another beneficial development that fits well with electric vehicles is the noise-reducing system, called Silent sidewall technology. The silent sidewall is a zone added to the tyres’ sidewall, which helps to reduce noise and vibrations transferred to the coupe of the car when you drive. Having tyres that have incorporated this into their tyres will allow you to have a smoother and more comfortable drive, and the lower tyre noise will benefit electric cars.

The summer tyres have numerous added technologies as a double safety zone, polished grooves, tailored grooves and power zones. These are added to improve the tyre’s performance in wet conditions and improve the stability and control when you drive so that you have excellent precise cornering and dynamic grip in both dry and wet conditions. The polished and swoop grooves help the water flow faster when you drive in wet conditions to prevent aquaplaning from occurring.  The more research and development a tyre manufacturer engage in; the more innovations will be incorporated into the tyres to create better and safer tyres. This is why they have even added aramid fibres to most SUV tyres. This is the same material that is used in bulletproof vests and it is able to prevent punctures from sharp objects.

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