SUV tires for the winter season

SUV studded tires

Even an SUV needs a good set of car tires approved for winter use. That is if you plan to drive in winter conditions. As the temperatures drop, your all-season tires will start to lose the properties that a tire needs to have. The tires will become very hard and not keep the flexible and agile rubbery consistency it needs to have to create enough traction to keep you safe on the roads.

If you want to be prepared for winter driving, you need to get a proper set of winter tires; choose either SUV studded tires or SUV non-studded tires. If you only experience very light winters, using all-weather tires might do the job. This is because they have a tread that has been optimized for both conditions, so they can handle everything from dry asphalt to snowy roads. This really requires that you purchase premium tires, because it isn’t easy to get this combination correct.

By choosing tires that are approved for winter use and that have the severe service emblem on the sidewall of the tires, indicate that they have passed the stringent test requirements for being safe to use in winter conditions. The all-weather tires are good as they are built for all weather conditions. Winter tires are meant for driving only in the winter months. If you are surprised by a sudden snowstorm, you are not really safe unless they are already on your car.

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