Why slush can cause problems during the winter

Slush is the phenomena when you end up with a mixture of snow and water. This is common when the snow melts away at the end of the winter, but can also occur as the first snow falls and then you get a spell of warm weather or that you have rain fall when you still have snow on the ground. If you have deep snow that turns into slush it can be very tricky driving conditions. It gets very slipper and is very difficult to walk in and also drive in.

To be able to drive safely when you have slush on the roads, you will need to have very good premium winter tyres. You shouldn’t even try it with summer tyres. You will need to have tyres that are approved for winter use and have the proper rubber compound and the tread that has been optimized for these conditions.

One problem with the slush is that in addition to that it is very difficult and slippery conditions to drive in, it can also easily cause slushplaning. This is similar to aquaplaning and happens when the tyres aren’t able to push away the slush that is present on the road to the side so that the tyres can remain in contact with the road surface. When the slush can’t be pushed away you end up with the situation where the tyre is pushed up on the layer of slush. This means that you are planning on top of the slush and therefore have no control over the vehicle. This is dangerous and can easily cause accidents.

Premium winter tyres and also premium winter approved all-season tyres, will have a tread that is optimized for winter conditions and that includes the presence of slush. The tread will have incorporated innovations into the tread to ensure that the tread can effectively push the slush through its grooves in a way to channel it to the sides of the tyres. The grooves can also store some of the slush, which is why it is important to have good tread depth. By improving the speed and the volume of slush that can be pushed through the grooves and sipes, the better the tyres will be on preventing slushplaning.

Slushplaning is such a difficult condition to drive in that you will need to have also adjust your speed accordingly. With lower speed it will give the tyres more time to get the slush out of the way. All-season tyres are tyres that can be used all through the year without having to alternate between summer and winter tyres. They will have to be good at handling both aqua and slushplaning in addition to be good on both summer and winter conditions. The truth is that the better tyres that you end up choosing the higher the probability will be that you can drive safely and avoid it from happening.

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